Spring Clean Your Emotions

April is for Spring Cleaning. So why stop at cleaning your house? Why not your body?

Most people look at Spring to do a detox. Completely understandable.


Most detoxes tend to be cold. And by that I mean juices, shakes, and salads. I’m not a big fan of cold, but that’s not the point of this blog. I want to take about the other thing that needs to be detoxed but no one does it. 

Stuck emotions. 

Did you know emotions get stuck in the body? No? Well, they do. 

You know how you’ve heard about people always getting sad at a certain time of the year but they don’t know why? It’s more like they don’t remember why. They have mentally processed whatever happened (be it a fight with a loved one, falling, feeling something deeply, etc.) but their bodies haven’t yet. These emotions become locked up and then resurface.

I will get more into the stuck emotions, but first you need to learn about the body’s pathways

Did you know your body has lines, aka meridians, in Chinese Medicine? Yep, you have 26 of them. There are 24 that represent your organs (they are “double” - one on each side of your body), and then you have 2 that go straight down the middle of the front of your body and one straight down your spine. 

body meridians

Each of these organs have a paired emotion to them. Yes, Chinese Medicine can get a little honky for some Westerners, but suck it up and believe. 

The Lung and Large Intestine meridians are paired and their associated emotion is Grief. 

The Liver and Gallbladder meridians are paired and their associated emotion is Anger (which I am VERY familiar with).

The Kidneys and Urinary Bladder meridians are paired and their associated emotion is Fear (ahem, this is a doozy for a lot of us in our current times).

The Spleen and Stomach meridians are paired and their associated emotion is Worry (this is another doozy lately).

The Heart and Small Intestine, along with the Pericardium and Triple Burner meridians, are paired and their associated emotion is Joy (more like overjoy… you know that person that just laughs for absolutely no reason? That’s the “Joy” being referred to here).

Why am I telling you all this? 

Does it sounds like…. ummmm Chinese? PUN intended! #acupuncturistwithjokes  

Welllllllllllllll, it’s because in my not-so-scientific research, using my patients as guinea pigs, I have noticed that people have emotional reactions that follow the lines of the meridians. 

The purpose of acupuncture is to allow the free flow of Qi in your body. When you get a disease, it’s usually due to either something being stuck (stagnation) or something being weak (deficiency). 

Part of the “things” that can get stuck are emotions. Depending on which emotion comes up from my fascia treatments, I then know which organ needs boosting. (See the emotions associated with which organ above.) And that’s the acupuncture treatment I follow up with.

I can’t even count the times I have had patients leave after an upper or lower body fascia treatment and they get to a stop sign and just start crying. I have found that the next time I see them, they feel like a weight has been lifted.

It’s crazy cool. 

My personal experience with stuck emotions has been with Anger. I got worked on by a friend, who I have to say, didn’t really know what she was doing annnnnd she’s a bit of a brute. At one point I started seeing red. I felt I was in a movie where EVERYTHING was in red. 

This made me believe in crimes of passion! 

I was SO FUCKING ANGRY. And then, I knocked myself out for a week. Literally, was in bed for a week with a lymph node the size of a golf ball (only on my right side). No one else in my family “caught” anything so I believe it was my body detoxing my anger out. (Unfortunately, with current times the anger in my body has refilled.)

* This is a one dimensional theory so far, but the results have been pretty fucking awesome, which is why I highly recommend it. *

With any form of healing, there are many layers: nutrition, exercise, down time, etc… 

Having fascia work with acupuncture: BOOM. 

You’re adding a fundamental layer of treatment and healing that has been lacking in Western Medicine.

Jump into Spring with an emotional detox! Miracles are happening!

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