Self Care isn’t a Luxury, it’s a Necessity

Ok, let’s clear something up real quick: today’s definition of self care is bullshit.

Yes, you read that right. 

Today, self care is seen as selfish or as a luxury, and that’s what I have a real problem with. To me, self care should be a necessity. How can you function if you’re not even taking care of yourself properly? 

You can’t.

You end up getting stressed out, sick, burnt out, and those feelings just become “normal.”

It’s hard not to cringe when I see these “Self Care” posts on social media or events or retreats promoting this idea. It’s just buying into the notion that it’s something extra, or something that has to be earned. 

Which, like I said, is bullshit.

Someone who takes a mental health day or stays at home instead of going out isn’t selfish. We need to remove that connotation and make taking care of ourselves something that’s incorporated on at least a weekly basis, if not daily. 

I mean, just look at anyone who has a job today (even if they love what they do): what do they all have in common?

Stress. Lots and lots of stress.

As the biggest health issue people are currently facing, the American mentality of “Work Hard, Play Hard” needs to change. It’s literally messing up people’s lives.

As an acupuncturist and as a massage therapist , I’m always hearing clients say they’re “treating” themselves to my services, like it’s a luxury. Regardless if that mindset has to do with pricing or with the pampering aspect, it frustrates me. 

Taking care of yourself is a necessary part of life, and body work is an extension of that. 

When you regularly get acupuncture or a massage, your body AND mind work better, AND you feel better. WIN WIN!! 

With a consistent schedule, your sessions can go from weekly to monthly (or whatever time frame works best for you), as they’ll be more maintenance sessions instead of healing and correcting.

But that’s not the only thing (of course it isn’t, you should know me by now).

People also think that if they exercise on a regular or semi-regular basis, they’re good. They’re working off all the stress and releasing those endorphins. Buuuuut…….it’s not enough. How’s your mind supposed to recoup?

Some form of “quiet time” is so needed for our minds to reset. 

That’s why acupuncture and massage are so great. They literally force you to stop and get some peace and quiet. Meditation is another thing that can seriously help. 

And, no. Yoga doesn’t count as quiet time; it’s an exercise. Unless it’s a Yin style, which is more meditative, less workout, which a lot of the main yoga studios don’t offer.

Ok. So. With all this said, my point is this: let’s remove the negativity surrounding the word self care and normalize it to something we do on the daily (or weekly or regularly or whatever) for ourselves.

Got it?!

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