Oh, Just Stick a Needle (or 12) In It!

Wait, what? Why would you want to stick 12 needles into anything?

Well, you should know by now how amazing acupuncture is, but there’s another treatment that I’m now offering that also uses some needles.


It’s been around for some time now, made popular by the term “vampire facial,” and lemme tell you; it’s awesome. (There will be no “vampire” in my version of it! Read on to know the difference.)

But what is it?

According to Healthline, microneedling is “a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns via collagen production.” [1]

Ok, so you have the official definition of it, but that doesn’t really explain it.

Microneedling is used to treat skin concerns like acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity, age spots, large pores, stretch marks, and it’s even used to promote hair growth.

And it works with this pen-like tool that’s loaded with 12 teeny tiny needles at the tip (single use). As it moves over your face or area that’s being worked on, the needles prick your skin, going into the first layer. This action triggers your body’s repair process, which results in new collagen and elastin production, improved skin tone, texture, and firmness, as well as reduced pores, scars, and stretch marks.

Depending on the depth of your wrinkles, I can use nano needles or the micro needles. Nano needles don’t go as deeply into the skin and are better for fine lines/wrinkles (and I can work closer to the eyes with the nano needles) versus the micro needles which are better for deep wrinkles, scars, etc..

On a side note: 

Difference between Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture: Microneedling is better for wrinkles and age spots versus Cosmetic Acupuncture is better for toning and lifting. 
Luckily I offer BOTH! 

But this treatment doesn’t have to stop there.

“Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be combined with collagen induction therapy treatment [microneedling] in a form of dermatologic autologous blood therapy.” [2]

This is where the term “vampire facial” comes from. It uses your own blood, and acts as a serum that goes over the affected areas from treatment for even more results.

{I don’t offer this. I am just educating you on the different uses of microneedling treatments.}

However, blood isn’t the only serum you can use. Which is where I come in!

I can customize a serum just for your treatment using Chinese herbs and other supplements to further improve your skin concerns: skin luminosity, wrinkles, age spots, scars, etc. 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine take on cosmetic acupuncture is that you need to heal the whole body, which is why I do a full body acupuncture treatment first. 

What are the steps?


After the needles are in place, I will put on a numbing cream on your face and cover your face and neck with a light therapy mask (for about 20 mins). The color I choose will depend on what we are treating (anti-aging, acne, etc.).  

Next up, its my fancy pen’s time! I will open the sterilized needle insert and place it in the pen and start the treatment. (Areas that are more sensitive are the tip of the nose and the forehead.) This part last about 15-20 mins.

Next up, you individualized face serum! (If there’s any left in the vial, it’s YOURS!)

Then to cool off your face because it will be red, I place a cooling face mask for about 10mins. 

AND VOILA! You’re first microneedling treatment is done!

I will have an aftercare sheet for you, as well as some goodies, and then I will see you again in one month for your next treatment! *

I can’t wait to see you on my table!

*Results will vary depending on: your upkeep, (unfortunately) your age, if you have a lot of age spots/dark spots, etc. but most people’s skin already starts to feel better the next day!


[1] healthline.com

[2] wikipedia.com

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