It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere. Time for a Shot!

Who knew shots were such a good idea?

Me. I knew. 

They’re ALWAYS a good idea. At any time of the day. Who can say no to a shot? It automatically makes everything better!

Buuuuut….I’m talking about shots that are actually GOOD for you! Not the kind YOU were thinking of! Have you been paying attention?!! If so, then you know I’m now offering quite a few HEALTHY shots for you to try when you come see me in my office.

Here’s your chance to figure out which ones you want to try, along with their benefits:

Collagen Shot [1]

This one comes in quite a few flavors, and offers support when you want to sleep, get an energy boost, detox, and so much more. Benefits of collagen (aside from what I just mentioned) is improved skin health, joint pain relief, strong bones, boosted muscle mass, and better heart health. 

Who knew shots could help with so many things? (Ahem, again me.)

Turmeric Shot [2]

Have you ever tasted an Orange Julius or had Orange 50/50 ice cream? If you’re a fan of orange flavors, this is one shot you don’t want to pass up. It can help fight inflammation in your body, is a natural antioxidant, helps protect against heart disease, can improve your skin health, and more.

Resveratrol Shot [3]

Try saying this one three times fast! While you can get this helpful little supplement from red wine, you can also get it straight up from me. Resveratrol can help lower your blood pressure, can help lower bad cholesterol, helps with brain function and cognitive decline, and ease joint pain.

Glutathione Shot [4]

While your body may produce this antioxidant naturally, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra boost. Not only does this shot help with oxidative stress, it can improve psoriasis, improve liver health, help fight against autoimmune diseases, and even reduce respiratory issues.

Nitric Balance Shot with Chaser [5]

If you’re looking to boost or balance your immune system, improve your brain function, or even get support when you exercise, the Nitric Balance Shot is the one you should get. If you’re not the biggest fan of peppermint, I got you covered with a nice chaser.

Turmeric/Resveratrol/B12 Shot

Let’s just compound all the amazing benefits found in these three separate supplements into one powerful shot. But don’t worry, this tastes AMAZING, and gives you a boost for your day. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Supreme Shen [6]

Not only am I offering shots to help you with your physical health, here’s one for your mental health. Loaded with Chinese herbs, this shot will help you overcome emotional challenges, like anxiety and stress. And with back to school happening, you may need it!

Total Alignment: Woman’s Formula [7]

Want a shot that can do just about everything? Total Alignment is the one to get. Get your body in alignment, improve your mood, grow hair, strengthen your nails, gently detox, eliminate free radicals, reduce PMS symptoms, and strengthen your immune system all at once.

Now, I wouldn’t have shared all these shots with you if I wasn’t going to sweeten the deal for you.

For the month of September, get one shot FREE with any in-person treatment. Want more than one shot? Good news! Some of these you can take with you.


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