Is Your Body Messed Up? Get Back on Track!

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need to let people know what I do to help seriously messed up people get back to doing what they love.

I’m talking about the semi-pro athletes that put their bodies through the ringer.

I’m ALSO talking about those who’ve had a lot of physical trauma (like car accidents).

These people need me to bring out my entire arsenal of tricks and tools. The amount of scar tissue/balls of fascia that they have is incredible.

Their movements are restricted and painful. They can’t even workout or go on a walk without being in pain. So for any athlete out there, you KNOW that is the worst thing that can happen to you.

If this is you and you come see me, we do a full body assessment for the initial consultation. We’ll start out slow and then get to the crux when I know you can handle it. And this is something I do for ALL my peeps, not just athletes.

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The reason I start out slow is because I’ve done the opposite and of course, many people didn’t react well. The deeper treatments get INTENSE, not only physically, but mentally.


When traumatic accidents happen, there is almost always an emotion that goes along with it. It can be fear when you see another car about to hit you. It can be the anger that your brand new car is totaled. And and and.

This is your “Fight or Flight” reaction, aka your Sympathetic Nervous System, which releases cortisol to allow for quick reflexes and movements needed in those stressful situations. I believe that even after you’ve mentally resolved the trauma, your body still hasn’t and stores or traps those emotions in your body.

...which is why some people will feel sad in November but don’t know why or can’t remember.

The mind has processed what the body has not been able to, and those emotions get triggered.

And I have a feeling that this month will be that way for a LOT of people. Seriously. This pandemic has affected everyone, which is why I’m choosing to do a sober March and refusing this to happen to me. Here’s how I’m fighting this:

  • Exercising daily
  • Getting acupuncture and body treatments
  • Doing ALL the things to get past the stuck emotions that March 2020 started

I can totally hear Megan, my writing person, telling me to reel it in and get back to the point…

Okkkkkkkkay! So back to the initial consultation. 

But first, here’s a little secret:

EVERYONE thinks they’re the most messed up person I’ve ever had as a patient. Trust me when I say that you’re probably not. And because everyone needs to hear this, let me share an Ally McBeal quote with you:

Bathroom scene (Ally always had these intense ah ha moments in the bathroom… soooo many puns there!)

Nelle to Ally: “Ally, what makes your problems so much more important than others?”

Ally to Nelle: “Because they are MINE.”

And that my peeps, is the crux of the matter. Your pain is not the same as another person’s pain. Pain/trauma is completely subjective.

Your pain cannot be compared to someone else’s, and it’s no more or less important. It is your pain and I am here to fix it. 

I think I’ll get off my soapbox now…

If you can’t tell by now, that initial consultation is all about us shooting the shit, chatting it up, and getting to know each other and your history. From there, we’ll do the physical assessment and then an acupuncture treatment.

With the physical assessment, I can gauge where the problem is, and if you handle that probing well enough and feel ready, I’ll bring out my Ashley Black fascia tools to really get to work.

Think you’re ready for more after the fascia treatment? Sweet! Here come the fire cups.

So now, instead of just one treatment, you’re getting massaged, fascia blasted, and moving fire cups. 

A LOT of cursing will be happening at this point. Like A LOT A LOT. 

But after that, you’ll probably be able to do some of the workouts you love, just don’t push yourself too hard right away. You’ll end up right back where you started. On my table.

Slow and steady wins the race, people! 

So after all that, here are some recommendations after an intense session with me:

  • Epsom Salt Bath or foot bath
    • It’s great for so many reasons, but one that people don’t realize is that it has magnesium, which is absorbed through the skin allowing for better…!
    • Not a typo. Sleep is the BEST recuperative medicine out there.
  • See me again 😉

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